Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Rain

The Rain

Sadness is my constant friend
Always it is near
Rain falls inside my heart
And mixes with  my fear

So many happy memories
All tainted now with pain
The echoes of our laughter
Drowned out by falling rain

Since you've been away mom
Everything feels all wrong
My life is constant loneliness
My soul has lost its song

I miss you more and more everyday
Soon it will be ten years
Not even the biggest ocean
can hold my many tears

I know your watching over me
Is it selfish I wish you were here
To kiss away my sadness
And hug away my fears

No one can replace you mom
I hate that we're apart
Until the day I see you again
The rain falls in my heart

For My Mom

 Gloria Brock 
December 06, 1942 - January 12, 2002

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